About d:ceramics

D:CERAMICS is a collection of handmade ceramics by artist Denise Lopez, who works from her home studio in Los Feliz, CA. 

A longtime graphic designer, Denise began working with ceramics to explore a fresh creative medium. 
She designs gracefully functional clayware that reflects a timeless aesthetic. With an eye for understated elegance, she hand-throws each one-of-a-kind piece by the natural light of an open-to-the-elements
studio in Los Feliz—an unconventional, inviting environment that evokes the essence of her honest,
labor-intensive process. 

It is her belief that in concentrating on the finer details, encouraging a slower pace, and appreciating
the importance of each step, the intention and care that goes into her work is what makes each piece personal and unique. Her work is inspired by Japanese ceramic art, mid-century pottery, and minimalist design.